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I have sat on Community Futures Elk Island Region’s board with Jacquie for approximately 4 years and find her to be very knowledgeable in the field of business and cautious as to how public funds are spent. I support Jacquie in her bid for the nomination as I believe she is sincere in her assurance that she will do the best that she can.

Fred Pewarchuk

I have known Jacquie Fenske for many years.  Jacquie is very involved in the community and is dedicated to any endeavor that she is involved with.  She is competent, sincere and her bubbly personality endears her to everyone.  She has a very positive attitude and is passionate about everything that she believes in.  It is a pleasure to know her and work with her.

Trudy Kadatz

I have known Jacquie Fenske for the past several years and the one thing that always impresses me is her dedication. The first time I got to see her in a work setting was while I served on the Strathcona Agriculture Services Board.  She always had a strong support for agriculture, but when she presents ideas and motions she keeps all members of her riding in mind  I soon came to realize that she was never not in work mode.  Her mind is always working, she is continually thinking of ways to improve our corner of the world.  She has strong values and a real knack for fining the fun in most situations.  Her out going personality and relentless work ethic make her on of my favorite people to work with.  She listens to my concerns, voices them when I am not able to at council meetings and follows up with me after.  Jacquie has one of the best talents I have seen for making politics fun and relevant.  She takes a complex idea and presents in in a manageable fashion that makes the task of achieving the goal effortless.  Mrs Fenske works as hard as any trades person and as long as any farmer.  I really believe she is an extremely capable representative for our riding.

Chris Allam

Current Board Member for Alberta Pulse Growers  Zone 3/Former Ag Service Board Chair Strathcona County/Former President Josephburg Ag Society

It is with great pride that I support Jacquie in her desire to receive the nomination for MLA Fort Saskatchewan/Vegreville. I know Jacquie as a Lady of great character, with an unmatched work ethic and brilliant dedication.  Jacquie has earned the respect and support of her current constituents in Strathcona County, as she is a representative who listens, cares and does what she say’s she is going to do! Jacquie is extremely involved in the community and works diligently to ensure that her commitments are accomplished with pride.  It is rare to come across a lady with such charisma, passion and foresight.  The region of Fort Saskatchewan/Vegreville is near and dear to my heart as my family heritage is entrenched in it’s history.  I would be honored and over joyed to have Jacquie as our MLA, for I am confident that this most special region of Alberta will receive superb and thorough representation.

Rebecca Kroestsch

The Brookville Community League has been working very hard over the past few years in bringing the community together by hosting a variety of events and programs. The commitment by Ms. Jacquie Fenske and her family in supporting our efforts is to be commended. Ms. Fenske has donated many hours of her time by regularly attending Brookville meetings and events, as well as providing direction in working with County staff regarding hall renovations and grants. Her knowledge of the community at large and the resources available to community leagues has been invaluable. There is no greater supporter of the rural community than Ms. Fenske and we look forward to a continued relationship with her as Councillor of Ward 5.

– Candice Proctor :: President, Brookville Community League

As an intergral part of our community, Jacquie Fenske is the glue that helps our community groups and keeps our residents informed with the Heartland district. She makes it her business to know what is going on in her ward. She knows her constituents personally as she has grown up here and still lives here. If I want something done in my ward, I know if I call Jacquie, she will look into it personally and do what can be done. One of the best things she does, is take the time to talk to you, always with a smile on her face. As a former teacher, she is well aware of the schools and their needs. Jacquie always goes above and beyond what is needed. I am behind her all the way!!!

– Dawnelle Lea

Just a note to say how thankful both Dave & I are that you are our councillor and a member of our community. You attend as many meetings and functions at our community league that you are able to, even if you have to attend one or two other function the same day. When we have any problems with any matters in regard to our community league, you are always there to help us. You are very approachable about items that you have nothing to do with you or your office but have something to do with Strathcona County. If we have any questions in regards to matters that may concern Strathcona County, you advise us who is responsible for that specific area and who we should contact to help us rectify our problems or questions. You are very chromatic, friendly, helpful, funny and approachable and one of the nicest people we have had the pleasure of meeting.

– Pat & Dave Wilson

I am very pleased to voice my unreserved support for Jacquie Fenske as our representative! We have been extremely well represented and recognized as rural Strathcona residents with Jacquie speaking for us. She works very hard to learn the issues that affect us and understand perspectives and voice them to the most effective ear! This could be at Council level, Provincially or Federally. She also has credibility with industry, business, and the many service groups in Sherwood Park and Strathcona County to connect any issues to the pertinent “Ear” to be heard! Please believe that our constituency is very honored that Jacquie will again be there to represent us.

– Flossie Bodell