Thank You

The Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville P.C. nomination was held last night.  Though the vote took place in an hour it was the culmination of months of work on the part of the candidates and their volunteers and the board and volunteers of the local association. 

Alberta’s 13th Premier, The Honorable Ed Stelmach, and MLA Dave Quest both represented portions of what will form the new boundaries of Fort Sask/Veg and were both in attendance.  There will obviously be change for the Party and the Association as we move forward.  I do want to take this opportunity to thank ‘Premier Ed’ for the many years of service he and Marie gave us.  Words will never be enough to thank them for the sacrifices they made to family life to insure a better Alberta.

I want to again thank Jim Sheasgreen, Adam Kozakiewicz, Nabil Chehayeb and Gene Hrabec, their families and campaign volunteers for being a part of the process.  We all worked harder because of the competition and the PC party was the biggest winner in it all.  I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you as we move into the next election.  I have been privileged to work with a dedicated group of campaign volunteers and it is exciting to know that the ‘team’ will become larger with the addition of the other campaign teams!

You couldn’t help but feel the excitement grow as we moved through the nomination period, then through the evening and NOW as we move forward into an election.  When people are critical of the political process you know they haven’t really been a part of it.  12 year old Alex was there and I know that she will now be a part of the political process for a lifetime.  There are many other amazing volunteer stories that I could share and maybe I will  one day.  For now, I just want to say THANK YOU to the greatest group of volunteers!  With your help I know that when the Progressive Conservatives again form the government in the next election I will be there as your representative.

The phone calls and emails have been overwhelming but very much appreciated.  I am honored to have worked with and for you and rest assured I will be there working for the people of Fort Saskatchewan Vegreville.  Those folks I have represented for some time know me so well and I would say the call I got from Marion the morning of the nomination says it best “Jacquie what are you going to do when they kick you out of caucus because you always stand up for your people?”  I have always made it a personal challenge to find a way make the system work for my residents and I am looking forward to learning how the ‘new to me’ system does actually work and can work for those I represent.  Stay tuned.

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